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If you practically live out of your suitcase, shuffle the many roles in life and are equally conscious about your appearances you do not have to look beyond Philips QG3347 Multi Grooming Kit (Black). It is a product that takes multitasking seriously and is relevant to contemporary men who live on the edge but live stylishly. Not only does it bring in variety in your look but also has protective features that cares for your skin. The Philips grooming kit has full size trimmer, detail trimmer, mini shaver, hair, beard and stubble comb that include length setting, beard and moustache comb, length setting stubble comb and length setting hair clipping comb. If you thought the list ended here, you will be surprised to know that this amazing Philips trimmer and shaver has a lot more to offer. You can now change your look everyday with the help of a full size trimmer for your neck and chin, mini shaver and detail trimmer for more detailed shaving. This waterproof multi groomer assures you of mess-free shaving and its cordless feature makes it a handy device. It even has a travel pouch for frequent travellers. Bring home this Philips grooming kit and you never have to think twice about making appearances in parties, meetings or a date. Enjoy the different flavours of life in style.