Asus 24x DRW-24D3ST DVD Writer

Asus 24x DRW-24D3ST Green SATA Internal DVD Writer



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Asus 24x DRW-24D3ST Green SATA Internal DVD Writer

The Most Energy Saving DVD-Writer

  • Windows 8 Compatible
  • 24X DVD writing speed
  • E-Green saves over 50% of power consumption
  • Double the security with Disc Encryption II through password control and hidden file name functionality
  • Friendly interface with three simple steps to burn a disc

ASUS DRW-24D3ST is a power-saving 24X Multi DVD Writer capable of wrting data to 24X DVD±R format and reading from 16X DVD±R format for best automatic burning quality. This drive provides you with the flexibility and efficiency for multimedia data storage and sharing.


The Most Energy Saving Drive

E-Green auto-closes drive application when not in use, saving over 50% power consumption for users.


Double the Security On-the-Go

Disc Encryption II doubles the security with password-controls and hidden-file functionariy, protecting important user data


Friendly Burning Interface

Friendly interface with only three simple steps to burn a disc, making the process easier than ever


The Best Burning Quality

OTS Technology increases burning success rates and provides users fast and high quality operation


E-Green Power Saving

ASUS believes that Green technologies help humanity bring a more healthy and wonderful world. What can we do to help reduce the energy consumption globally? With the philosophy of environment protection, ASUS gives you a new power saving E-Green and stability-OTS and quiet- QuieTrack green drive experience.

The innovative E-Green Engine technology features an E-Green Mode that automatically closes drive applications when not in use to help conserve energy - helping the environment by decreasing CO2 emissions and reducing the depletion of trees.

E-Green Engine technology provides an E-Green Mode which activates when the drives are idle for 2 minutes. Once activated, drive applications are closed when not in use to help conserve energy – helping the environment by saving energy, and in turn decreasing CO2 emissions and reducing the depletion of trees. According to in-depth calculations: on average, the PATA and SATA versions of the drive will provide 77% and 27% power savings respectively over competing solutions.

The ASUS E-Green Drive automatically optimizes your drive's power consumption. E-Green displays detailed information on power saved and CO2 reduced using the ASUS drive.

  • Shows you detailed information on power saved since installing and running E-Green.
  • Allows you to select the drive you want to check for its power consumption.
  • The tree's image gradually grows based on the drive's accumulative data.

Note 1 : This section calculates the drive's saving information since restarting computer.
Note 2 : This section calculates the drive's accumulated saving information since install E-Green on your computer.

Support Model

Support OS : Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7
ODD Type Model Name
DVD-Rom DVD-E818A3, DVD-E818A3T, DVD-E818A4, DVD-E818A7T, DVD-E818A7TG
DVD-RW DRW-20B1L, DRW-20B1LT, DRW-20B1S, DRW-20B1ST, DRW-22B1L, DRW-22B1LT, DRW-22B1S, DRW-22B1ST, DRW-22B2L, DRW-22B2S, DRW-22D1S, DRW-22B3L, DRW-22B3S, DRW-24B3LT, DRW-24B3ST, DRW-24B5ST, DRW-24D1ST
BD-Combo BC-06B1ST, BC-08B1LT, BC-12B1LT, BC-12B1ST

Disc Encryption

Double Security with Disc Encryption

Everyone values privacy and data security; especially businessmen that have sensitive information that needs constant and care. With Disc Encryption, they can secure confidential data at ease. Disc Encryption allows you to protect an entire disc or its partial content contents with a password. Disc Encryption features provide 128-bit encryption for protecting data discs. It also allows you to hide the names of files. You can protect your important data easily.

  • Secured Content Access
  • Enhanced Copy Protection
  • Comprehensive Data Control

Drag and Burn

Easy 3 steps to complete disc burning

It always takes several steps to create a new disc. Before burning a new disc, user need to select burning type, the burning disc type and the file they need to burn from each folder first, followed by selecting the writing speed. Still, you can also input more personal information, and then press "burn" to create a new disc. Now, it can be so easy and efficient to complete disc burning. ASUS Drag and Burn is a easy thumbnail layout for creating discs. Users just need to drop files into the interface then click "Burn" and a new disc is done.

  • Intuitive burning interface
  • Burn a disk in 3 simple steps
  • Simplified burning process

Traditional Disc Burning Steps:
Select the media (CD/DVD) > Select Copy Type (Copy Data/Disc Copy) > Select the Burn Data > Select Burn Speed > Input the Disc Name > Burn

ASUS Disc Burning Steps:

OTS/Optimal Tuning Strategy learning program for disc recording

We want to protect our valuable data from work, play or study onto discs for durability, mobility and sharing with others. But one of the major problems PC user face is burning unplayable disks all the time. OTS is an intelligent learning program for disc recording. This design is to prevent the variation of disc and drive firmware could learn the different recording strategy by each different discs. Optimal Tuning Strategy (OTS) provides users with improved disc burning for better total write quality. With OTS, the drive will perform a test burning before really burning the disc, and OTS is intelligent enough to encompass both media and drive variations, as well as operating temperatures into its calculations - allowing it to provide the optimal write speeds to produce the optimal burning strategy for the new disc. After the disc is burnt, OTS memorizes the particular type of disc, and will utilize the same burning strategy when the same type of disc is used. This not only reduces the possibility to burn unplayable discs, it also provides high quality backups and improves compatibility so that the disc can more easily be read by other drives; as well as extends the lifetime of drives. The write parameters will be tuned automatically by drives based on the recorded write quality.

  • Cover wide range variety media quality even handle better with unknown media type
  • Increased of successful burning

Advantage of OTS:

  • Cover both media and drive variations as well as operating temperature.
  • Optimal write speed detection.
  • Total write quality improvement.
  • Extend the lifetime of drives
  • Reduce the possibility to burn unplayable disks.
  • Reduce coaster.


  • Color


  • Read Speed

    DVD+R : 16X
    DVD-R : 16X
    DVD+RW : 13X
    DVD-RW : 8X
    DVD-ROM : 16X
    DVD+R(DL) : 12X
    DVD-R(DL) : 12X
    DVD-ROM(DL) : 12X
    DVD-RAM : 5X
    CD-R : 48X
    CD-RW : 40X
    CD-ROM : 48X
    DVD Video Playback : 6X
    VCD Playback : 24X
    Audio CD Playback : 10X

  • Write Speed

    DVD+R : 24X
    DVD-R : 24X
    DVD+RW : 8X
    DVD-RW : 6X
    DVD+R(DL) : 8X
    DVD-R (DL) : 8X
    DVD-RAM : 5X
    CD-R : 48X
    CD-RW : 24X

  • Access time

    DVD : 145 ms
    CD : 125 ms

  • Interface


  • OS Support

    Windows® 8
    Windows® 7
    Windows® Vista
    Windows® XP

  • System Requirements

    CPU: Intel Pentium® 300 MHz or higher
    RAM: 128 MB or more is recommended
    HDD: 10GB or more

  • Software

    Power2Go 8

  • Disc Diameters


  • Mounting Orientation

    Vertical and Horizontal (+12° ~ -12°)

  • Dimensions

    146 x 170 x 41 mm (WxDxH)

  • Weight

    700 g

  • Temperature

    Operating : 5 ℃ to 45 ℃
    Storage : -20 ℃ to 60 ℃

  • Humidity

    Operating : 20 % ~ 80 % (Non-condensing)
    Storage : 15 % ~ 90 % (Non-condensing)