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Electric Heating Gel Pad | Heat Bag | Hot Water Bottle | Body Heater Warmer

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New Electric Heating Gel Pad | Heat Bag | Hot Water Bottle | Body Heater Warmer

An electric hot water pouch is a pouch filled & sealed with special gel, used to provide warmth, typically whilst in bed, but also for the application of heat to a specific part of the body.

It is a high quality reliever from aches in cold climatic conditions. Gives relief from pain and makes you feel comfortable.


  • Runs on Electricity no hassles of heating water on gas or heaters
  • Made from Heavy Heat proof materiel & High Quality Fabric on upper surface, easily washable.
  • Filled with a special gel which saves the hassles of changing water like in ordinary bottles
  • Keeps water warm for 2 to 4 hours apprx.
  • A very useful product for the winters
  • You can keep it inside the quilt to heat up the quilt or use on low temperature for massaging body parts


  • New generation, rechargeable no need to refill the water,
  • Electric Hot water bottle feature:
  • This warmer is a new-style hot water bottle which is made of special material, It can keep warm and make you feel very soft, comfortable and convenient.
  • The warmer is one of the new healthy and keeping warm product.It can ease pains such as arthritic, toothache, arthritis, headache, back and neck pain, chilblain.
  • It has big difference from normal warmer,It takes 10-15 minutes charged the warmer and it can keep warm for 2-5 hours.
  • Double-safety. A double temperature controller is incorporated when temperature is reaching about 60-70 degrees, it will automatically switch off.
  • This product has been authenticated as qualified products through an inspection by the National Product Quality Inspection Center and obtained certificates, It also pass CE & ROHS approved.
  • Material: PVC + Electronic Components
  • Rated voltage 220V
  • Rated frequency 50Hz

How to Use::

  • Insert the wire into the bottle & socket on the other end to the electric plug
  • Heat for 5-10 minutes only depending on the requirement
  • Unplug & then use it for heating & massaging body parts or keep inside your quilt to make it hot.

Precautions while using :

  • Do not use the Heating Pad when it is charging
  • Never charge for more than 10 minutes
  • Do not puncture
  • Connect plug properly and insert it fully in the charging port
  • This product is not advisable for children below 6 years

Contents :

  • 1 Heating Pouch
  • 1 Wire for Heating the pouch

Note: All the Designs, Shapes & Colours are pretty nice, so the design, shaped and colour will be shipped as per stock available and no such colour preference would be entertained.

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