GB100 Fake CCTV LED Dome Security Camera Real Motion IR Detector



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Fake CCTV LED Dome Security Camera with Real Motion IR Detector

Everybody needs one of this Gizmo in their home and office. Theft can easily be prevented if the potential thief feels that he is being watched! This fake CCTV camera is not connected to any computer. It does not record anything. However, it looks like a REAL CCTV camera, complete with blinking LED lights. Just press the dome to switch it on, and press again to switch it off.

This is an ADVANCED MODEL and has inbuilt Infrared Motion Detector circuit built in. So when it senses someone moving in front of the camera, the LED lights come on automatically. So the person feels that the camera is activated by his presence and will be careful!
Don't waste your money on cheap imitations with no motion sensor.


  • No wiring needed. Just insert 2 AA batteries (not included) and attach it wherever you want.
  • Infrared Motion Detector circuit built in.
  • Blinking LED lights.
  • Motion censor.


  • Size: 105mm Diameter, 80mm Height
  • Color: Black
  • 3 month warranty included.

Why buy from us?

We source original items directly from the manufacturer. These are imported legally and are tax and duty paid. Many sellers buy seconds and rejects from the grey market to keep prices low. These are illegal imports of substandard products. Don't try to save a few rupees and end up with low quality reject stocks. Buy genuine items and buy peace of mind!


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