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GB11 Keychain Anti Lost Anti Theft Safety Security Alarm for Bags Mobile Laptop

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GB11 Keychain Anti Lost Anti Theft Safety Security Alarm for Bags Mobile Laptop

This is unique & highly utility product for everyone who has to take care of personal belongings while on the move or at any place. For example: mobile, women's purse, bag/briefcase containing valuables (in train/bus/any busy public place), laptop bag, child or pets (in shopping mall/garden/any busy public place).

You can also use it to search for items that you keep losing at home or in the office (for example your mobile phone or wallet or home keys or car keys).

It will instantly sound alarm to remind you that:
-- you have forgotten to take your belonging
-- sound alarm when anyone picks up your belonging and moves away by more than the distance specified,
-- give you instant alert when your child or pet goes away from your pre-fixed distance.

How does it work? This is how it works in different situations:

1) This is wireless gadget. It consists of two units – Transmitter & Receiver.

Transmitter- this is small round shaped unit with antenna wire that you can attach to your belonging or put it inside your bag or purse. You can also put it in the pocket of your child.

Receiver- this is rectangle shaped with key ring attached and should be kept with you.
Both units should be switched on when desired to be used.

2) On the Receiver unit, set the required distance with DISTANCE DIALER- move upwards for long distance and downwards for shorter distance. When the transmitter unit moves further away than the distance you have set, the alarm will sound.

For example:
- When you forget your mobile somewhere or drop it in the train/vehicle and as you move away from it, alarm (beep) will sound in your Receiver placed in your pocket.
- when anyone picks up your briefcase/bag/purse while you are sitting/sleeping in a train/bus/plane, or in a restaurant, or mall, alarm (beep) will sound in your receiver when your object goes beyond distance set by you- this will alert you to catch the thief in time.
- when your child/pet is with you and you are busy in your own activity like talking with others or reading in a garden or moving around in a crowded place like a shopping mall, and your child/pet moves away beyond set distance (say, 5-7 mts.), alarm (beep) will sound in your receiver- this will alert you instantly and look out for your child/pet.

Dimensions: Transmitter: Diameter: 24.5 mm: Thickness: 7 mm: weight: 6.2 gms (including battery: CR2032) & Receiver: 60x26x15 mm: weight: 25 gms (without battery).

3) SEARCH FUNCTION: You can also use the same gadget to search for any object (for example your mobile phone or wallet or home keys or car keys). For example, if the transmitter is attached to your keys, and you cannot remember where you kept it at home. Normally, you would search all over for it and turn your house upside down! Not ay more!
How? When the object is out of range, the receiver will not beep. Carry the receiver all around the house. As soon as the item you are searching for comes within range, the receiver will beep and you can find it! A great tool to find anything that you misplace regularly!

This product is very easy to operate and requires normal one AAA type battery in Receiver unit and button battery in Transmitter unit. Price indicated is without batteries in the receiver.

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