Reward Points


The reward points are our way of saying "Thank you for being our customer!" Every time you make a purchase, you will earn 2% of the purchase value back for your next purchase. Every Reward Point earned is worth Re.1 at the time of redemption!


·  Every time, you spend at SoldSmile, you earn Reward Points.

·  Each point is worth Re.1

·  Use your point to purchase anything at SoldSmile including the deals.

So go ahead, shop at SoldSmile and get rewarded on every purchase made by you!


How do I earn points at SoldSmile?

  • • You earn 2% of purchase value as Rewards point for every purchase you make purchase at SoldSmile.
  • • The Rewards points earned for your purchase will automatically be added to your account.

How do I use my Rewards points to pay for an order?

  • • Log into your account to access your points balance.
  • • Select your product.
  • • The option to redeem your points will be on the Payment Screen in the checkout process.
  • • Enter the number of points you wish to use towards your purchase at the Points section.
  • • Pay the balance and finish checking out.

When will I earn points on my order?

  • • Points will not appear on your account until your products have shipped. After you receive the product the reward points will be added to your account.

Why can't I see my available Rewards points in checkout?

  • • You must log in to your account to view your available Rewards points.

Are Rewards points ever deducted?

  • • Yes. If you return a product or cancel an order, the Rewards points earned on that purchase will be deducted.

May I apply gift cards or promotional offers to my order when paying with Rewards points?

  • • Yes. Just enter the gift card or promotional information during checkout.